Sacred BeginningsPost-natal Doula Training


Sacred Beginnings Sarah

This new Post-natal Doula training will develop your doula skills with an holistic approach 
to supporting the mother-baby and family during the transformational time following birth.


  • Doula Support - during the early days/weeks of parenting. How the Oxytocin hormone supports the post-partum phase of early mothering and may effect your role as a doula.
  • Post-natal Depletion - Guest speaker, Dr Oscar Serrallach has coined the term 'post-natal depletion' and considers this will last "up to a decade" following childbirth. He will share insights for recognising and supporting the mother through post-natal challenges and returning to wellness.
  • Healing Birth Trauma - between 25% and 34% of women report that their Rosie Tying Cropbirths were traumatic. We will share tools for holding space for de-briefing, including the Birth Labyrinth, to support healing of the birthexperience, without influencing the mother's own experience and growth. 
  • Closing the Bones - based on a traditional Mexican ritual to bring the mother back into her body, energise and nurture her after childbirth. This soothing and powerful ceremony symbolically closes the many pathways that were opened during the birth of her baby, creating space and freedom to embrace the new role of motherhood more fully. Read the blog - The Art of Healing Birth - Learning from Traditional Cultures here.

There are no doula pre-requisites to join this educational and experiential training. If you have already participated in the Sacred Birth Doula Training this workshop will give you new tools and ways to develop your birthing business.

Fee $350 ($75 deposit reserves your place).  BOOK NOW through the link to pay on-line or through the Contact Form with payment to the following bank account -          A Watts BSB 032 573 A/c 172068. Places are limited to 10 participants

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BIRTHING THE SPIRIT - Spiritual Tools for BirthkeepersCosmic Mother web

Sunday 27th September 2015 - 10am - 4pm - Byron Bay

A one day Workshop for Birth Keepers - Enhancing the Mother-Baby Connection

For Doulas, Midwives, Healers and all those working with Pregnant & Birthing women

  • Learn simple tools to enhance spiritual connection
  • Develop more tust in your intuition in a grounded way
  • Create sacred birthing space - wherever the birth is taking place
  • Energy healing for pregnancy and birth
  • Healing difficult birth experiences

In this experiential workshop we will explore way to develop more intuition and trust as a sacred birth keeper.  Gain confidence in connecting from a spiritual perspective with mothers and babies and supporting clients to trust themselves.

You will learn simple and effective spiritual tools to use in your practice as a birth keeper - including space clearing, energy healing and trauma releasing.

Venue - La Cachette, Byron Bay (address provided on registration)

Cost - $120 (includes morning & afternoon teas & snacks)  BYO Lunch

Registration - email Anna - here

Payment can be made by direct deposit - Byron Pregnancy Retreat BSB 032-573 A/C172068 or by Paypal through the On-line Shop - here

Workshops & Training

An inspiring Guest Speaker, Anna Watts is available both in Australia and overseas, for pregnancy groups, birthing events, doula workshops, teacher trainings, women’s festivals and more. If you would like to gather a group in your location please contact Anna to discuss your event.

Workshop Topics include –

  • Birthing the Spirit 

Embracing the spiritual connection in pregnancy and birth.  For pregnant women, doulas, birth keepers – learn valuable tools to enhance the mother/baby bond and soul journey.  Develop your intuition to receive guidance and healing for pregnancy birth and beyond.

  • Sacred Birth

    Sacred Birth is for all those believing pregnancy and birth is an opportunity for transformational growth and empowerment. To honour the spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy and birth and celebrate them as stepping stones along the path of parenting our children in a more conscious and connected way. For Pregnant Women – you will gain the clarity and confidence to make the most holistic choices for your birth experience, heal and release any fears to enhance early bonding as you welcome your baby with joy!

  • Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy & Birthing

The powerful process of deep rest (Yoga Nidra) offers the space to gently release fears and unconscious patterns, allowing the clarity and confidence in body, mind and spirit to birth with joy!  An opportunity to create your own ‘Sankalpa’ (Resolve) for the journey of pregnancy and your vision for conscious birthing. 

  • Healing the Red Thread - Birthing the Future

Re-weaving the thread of Women of all Nations. Together feeling the heartbeat of the Mother through the Medicine Drum. Honouring the Ancestors and healing our lineage through our womb connection to Mother Earth.  Creating intentions for birthing new foundations in our lives.

  • In-service Training for Midwives, Educators, Doulas, Pre-natal Yoga Teachers

An opportunity to learn Sacred Birth Doula skills with an independent birth educator, doula trainer and pre-natal yoga teacher.  Drawing on her many years’ experience, Anna will share her warmth and birthing wisdom to offer new inspiration and guidance for birth keepers.  This session is tailored to the unique requirements of your staff and organisation.

For up-coming workshops please see the Calendar



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